Employee or Independent Contractor?

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Are you a paralegal who needs clarification on the difference between an employee or an independent contractor? Have you ever referred to yourself as a "1099 employee"? Does your employer have you working "as a 1099 employee" because it's easier? Or, because you're their only employee? Have you ever seen an advertisement for a paralegal job that reads suspiciously like you'd be an employee, but they throw in that 1099 at the last minute? Are you wondering if you are misclassified?

Introducing our timely webinar: "Employee or Independent Contractor?" — a deep dive into the critical distinctions that define our workforce.

Why This Webinar Is Crucial For You:

Clarity on Classification: Discover the various legal tests applied by federal and state agencies to determine a worker's classification and understand why these distinctions are not as straightforward as they seem.

Expert Insights: Led by a seasoned paralegal with extensive experience in employment law, gain insights into the nuances of worker classification across different regulatory landscapes.

Current and Relevant: With the U.S. Department of Labor's recent announcement on proposed regulations affecting the salary threshold for exempt employees, stay ahead of the curve with information that could significantly impact your career.

Practical Knowledge: Learn about the crucial differences between exempt and non-exempt employees, and understand the implications.

Don’t Miss Out on This Opportunity to Demystify Worker Classification.

Meet your Speaker

Kathy Sibbald

Kathy started her career thirty-five years ago as a Paralegal Specialist in the IRS Office of Chief Counsel where she specialized in federal employment tax law issues.

During her ten year tenure with the IRS, she authored numerous private letter rulings concerning the federal employment tax status of certain individuals who performed services for businesses.

Kathy then transitioned to the technical side of the legal business, where for nearly ten years she held positions as an application developer and as an IT Support Specialist/Trainer in several large Washington, D.C., and Baltimore law firms.

Kathy returned to the legal side of the business when she became the Chief Compliance Officer for a large commercial and residential contractor. As such, Kathy was responsible for ensuring that her employer and all their subcontractors complied with worker classification, wage and hour, prevailing wage, and other labor and employment laws

In 2015, Governor Hogan appointed Kathy to serve as the Director of Strategic Outreach and Business Ombudsperson under Labor Secretary Kelly Schulz. From there, she became a Program Manager in the Division of Labor and Industry. As Program Manager, Kathy was responsible for managing the Employment Standards Service (wage and hour), Prevailing Wage, Living Wage, Worker Classification Protection and Apprenticeship and Training units.

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