LinkedIn Prompts for Paralegals and Other Legal Professionals

Introducing our dynamic spreadsheet designed specifically for paralegals and other legal professionals who are determined to amplify their LinkedIn presence, foster robust networking, and reinforce their position in the legal field.

As of 10/22/23, this spreadsheet includes 180 prompts, you can see a list below. As new prompts are added, the Google Sheet will be updated automatically.

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🌟 Stand Out from the Crowd - Differentiate yourself by posting relevant, insightful, and engaging content tailored to the legal community.

🌟 Never Run Out of Ideas - Say goodbye to writer's block! With 50+ general prompts and more for specialized practice areas, you'll always have a fresh take to share.

🌟 Stay Updated and Relevant - Access a live Google Sheets document that’s regularly updated with contemporary prompts—ensuring you’re always on top of trending legal topics.


Diverse Range of Prompts: Whether you're into civil litigation, family law, intellectual property, or just general legal wisdom—there's something here for you. If your area of law isn't included, you can request an additional practice area when you leave a review. The spreadsheet is a living document, so you'll automatically get access to every added prompt.

Copy-Paste Friendly: No more hassling with downloads or compatibility issues. Access the Google Sheet from multiple devices copy and start typing directly on to LinkedIn.

Ongoing Content for Life: Once you’re in, you’re in! Enjoy continuous content additions and updates without any added cost.

Boost Networking Opportunities: Regular posting increases your visibility, helping you connect with peers, prospective clients, and industry experts.

Remember: Your LinkedIn is a reflection of your professional brand. Equip yourself with the best tools to make it shine!

By opting for this product, you're investing in your professional growth. Stay connected, stay relevant, and watch as opportunities come your way!

Please remember that this product is for your personal use only, please do not download the spreadsheet to share, or share the access link with anyone.

As of 10/22/23, this spreadsheet includes 180 prompts:

  • 50 General Prompts
  • 10 Job Seeker Prompts
  • 10 Family Law Prompts
  • 10 Trusts & Estates Prompts
  • 10 Intellectual Property Prompts
  • 10 Insurance Defense Prompts
  • 10 Probate Prompts
  • 20 Real Estate Prompts (10 residential/10 commercial)
  • 10 e-Discovery Prompts
  • 10 Law Office Management Prompts
  • 10 Ethics Prompts
  • 20 Civil Litigation Prompts (10 Plaintiff, 10 Defense)

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