Discover the Art of Skip Tracing: A Unique Pre-Sale Opportunity for Legal Professionals

Join us for a captivating class specially designed for paralegals and legal professionals, focusing on the art of skip tracing.

This course offers a unique blend of foundational knowledge, practical skills, and ethical insights, perfect for enhancing your investigative capabilities in the legal field.

What to Expect

Embark on an engaging journey through the world of skip tracing, where you'll explore a variety of techniques and tools essential for locating individuals and uncovering crucial information. While details will be finely tuned to stay current with industry standards, you can anticipate a rich learning experience that balances practical know-how with legal and ethical considerations.

Pre-Sale Special

By enrolling now, you'll save $25 and secure your spot. This means the moment the class materials are ready, you'll have access. Plus, access never expires, so you'll be able to take the class on demand on YOUR schedule - when it's convenient for you, and refer back whenever needed. Course materials are underway and we expect to have everything ready for you in the first week of December.

Once you sign up, no further action is needed - you'll be notified when course materials are added, and when the CLE certificate is available.

Elevate Your Career

This course is your gateway to mastering skip tracing and staying ahead in the dynamic legal landscape. Don't miss this opportunity to expand your skill set.

Continuing Education Credit

We aren't submitting this course for approval until the materials are finished to ensure you get the most credit possible. We will be submitting this to NALA and expect it to be at least 2.0 including .5 ethics.

Note: Course content is subject to refinement for quality and relevance.

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