Downloadable Resources from Introduction to Skip Tracing for Paralegals & Other Legal Professionals

Welcome to the gateway of enhancing your skip tracing skills, tailored specifically for paralegals and legal professionals. Whether you're looking to refine your investigative techniques or expand your legal toolkit, you've arrived at the right place: Introducing our standalone Skip Tracing resources.

Understanding that time is a precious commodity and learning needs vary, we offer an exclusive selection of skip tracing resources for purchase. These are not just any resources; they're a compilation of years of expertise and practical experience distilled into actionable forms, detailed checklists, and invaluable tips.

Designed for immediate application, these resources are perfect for legal professionals who seek to enhance their current skip tracing skills with targeted tools and desire quick access to templates for immediate case application. Forms and checklists are delivered in Word format and ready for immediate use without needing to recreate the wheel.

Please keep in mind that this purchase is for printable resources and does not include a seminar or continuing education credit. If you've already purchased our Skip Tracing seminar, please do not purchase this set of resources as it will be duplicative.

If you prefer to dive deeper with the Full On-Demand Seminar - our Introduction to Skip Tracing for Paralegals & Other Legal Professionals seminar offers a comprehensive exploration of skip tracing. This on-demand seminar not only includes these downloadable resources also covers a wide range of topics. Learn more: Introduction to Skip Tracing for Paralegals & Other Legal Professionals

Whether you opt for the convenience and specificity of our standalone resources or the immersive experience of the full on-demand seminar, you're making a valuable investment in your professional development.

Resources include:

Boolean Search Techniques for Finding Information

Cheat Sheet - Top Ten Ways to Find Someone Online

Comprehensive Skip Tracing Subject Information Checklist

Contact Log Template

Quick List of Useful Websites

Search Tracking Form

Tips for Conducting Effective Interviews