Bridging the Generational Gap

in the Workplace

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In today's office setting, it can be challenging to mesh a large team of people from different generations and diverse backgrounds to create a company culture of togetherness and open communication. We have always strived to empower our staff and offer an environment conducive to a productive and welcoming atmosphere. With the ever-changing job market and workforce, it is pertinent for the legal field to adapt by focusing on leadership dynamics, staff's career growth and development, productive communication, and overall retention.


Are we offering inclusive benefits? Are our leaders able to successfully grow their teams? Are our new employees feeling welcomed into the group?


Paige and Kirah will demonstrate the importance of inclusion, open communication, and additional topics to further your workplace's emotional intelligence and culture.

Meet your Speakers

Paige Fulton
is an FRP who has worked with the Vinson Law firm in Tampa, FL since 2017. Her B.A. in Psychology with a Minor in Criminology from the University of South Florida gave her the skills she needed to fill the role of Paralegal and carve out a spot for herself as the SHRM trained Human Resources Manager. She was recently promoted to Human Resources Director with a 3-person department performing under her supervision. She is also working to earn a SHRM-SCP certification in her spare time. Her specialties include benefits administration, employee relations, employee retention, professional development, hiring and onboarding. Paige’s overall goal has always been to create a company culture that promotes acceptance, comradery, and a positive work-life balance.


Kirah Murphy is the Chief Operating Officer at the Vinson Law Firm in Tampa, FL, and a Graduate Student at the University of Florida in the College of Journalism and Communications studying Audience Analytics. She is a member in the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) and the Tampa Chamber of Commerce Emerging Leaders Program.


Kirah earned her Master's in Management from the University of Florida, where she focused on Human Resources and Organizational Behavior. Additionally, she has completed multiple certifications in:

-Process Improvement

-Project Management

-DEI and Ethical Leadership

-Marketing Management


Her strong background in emotional intelligence (EI) & DEI training has allowed her to help the law firm incorporate new methods leading to employee retention and growth.

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This is an on-demand recording of a live event and includes the course video and PowerPoint presentation. Access is immediate and never expires.

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