Estate Administration From Soup to Nuts

1.0 CLE (Substantive)

Course Description

The purpose of a very well drafted estate plan is to avoid probate and ensure that your assets are distributed as you wish without government and/or Court involvement. Without a proper estate plan or without the proper

execution of an estate plan, your family will find themselves having to administer your assets pursuant to State laws and under the Court’s supervision. We will go through the estate administration process and the various types of administration. We will also discuss the cost of administration, which is more than just legal fees, and the different types of assets and how they are administered inside and/or outside the probate.

Meet Your Speaker

Michelle L. Taylor, FRP has worked in the legal field for approximately 12 years and is currently employed at Nici Law Firm, P.L. in Naples, Florida. Michelle graduated Cum Laude from International College with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Legal Studies and she became a Florida Registered Paralegal in 2010. She is highly skilled in all aspects of estate and trust administration including the preparation and filing of probate documents, trust accountings, estate tax returns, gift tax returns, foundation and CRUT returns, and fiduciary income tax returns. She also assists with the preparation of basic estate planning documents and is responsible for the management of irrevocable life insurance trusts.

Course Information

This course is a video recording of a live event which took place as part of the 2017 Paralegal Cruise. The original powerpoint from the event is also included.

The recording may include some background noise or other interruptions typical of live events.

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Here are some comments from attendees of the live event:

Even though I've been in this practice for over 20 years, it was refreshing to hear Michelle put a new perspective on some issues of probate. She was great last year and more so this year!

I thought the speaker was really good and personable.

Michelle is an excellent speaker (including last year), and she is well-prepared with excellent content in her PowerPoint slides.

Interesting topic and the speaker was extremely knowledgeable.

She did a great job and I'm studying for my ACP in Estate Planning so I was very excited to attend.

She is one of the best speakers.

Michelle is very detailed and knowledgeable!

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